The VelocetteThere were a lot of motorcycles before FFs, and this Velocette Venom was the last of the many. Velocette enthusiasts might ponder the total lack of oil along the left side of this obviously well-used model... Home-made in 1974, its sale to a German enthusiast in 1985 bought the Ducati 450 that became 001. There are a number of articles about this and other 'classic' English machines available in publications. (120KB jpg)

Quasar at GoodwoodIn the course of finding out about FFs there was quite lot of work with Malcome Newells various Quasars. This was the fearsome Kawasaki Z1300 powered Quasar (known as the "Thirteen") at a Goodwood open day. I've just discovered there's not enough ground clearance (or front brakes) but am about to demonstrate its ability to power-slide out of corners. No problems of high-siding with FFs! It may have been faster than its roofless sister ship (the"Sev", after SEV (Valeo) who sponsored it) which once held the 161mph record for road bikes. On the Thirteen at Goodwood the speedo went off the scale. (144KB jpg)

We have a substantial photo library of 'historic' FFs and a selection can be put on these pages if there is any interest. 

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