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It's difficult finding all the bits needed to make up a complete motor vehicle - and usually something needs modifying to fit something else it's maker hadn't imagined. The following suppliers, of parts and services, have proved invaluable in building and maintaining my various prototypes.

They are all normal commercial operations, specialising in areas of particular use to vehicle constructors and modifiers. This is not an advert, these entries have not been solicited and I receive no special treatment or discounts. Anyone in the South West of England who builds or runs special vehicles will find this list useful.

The continueing contraction of the local mechanical engineering industry means that there are several gaps in the network of suppliers and facilities needed to build complex assemblies like motor vehicles. The list below has contracted significantly in the last few years. If you can't find a supplier for a specific mechanical engineering item or service in the Bristol area contact me on and I'll help if I can.

Vehicle Components.

Millard's Motor Accessories

188 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol. Tel/s (0117) 924 8567 - 924 5010 - 942 4974. First call for automotive components, especially good at parts for older English-made cars and components you don't know where to find. Excellent prices for all consumables. If they can't find it there may not be one!

Also worth noting Bristol Tools, a short distance further into town on the same side, Visible from Millard's. An excellent place to find unusual tools and equipment. 166 Gloucester Road, Tel. (0117) 924 7413

Hoopers Of Bristol Ltd.

1 Maypole Square, Church Road, Hanham, Bristol. Tel. (0117) 967 6563 - 967 4732. Agents for Weber carburettors, (Essential Reliant tuning feature) and also a major centre for Competition Car parts.

Engineering materials for constructors

Matrix Mouldings

8 Central Trading Estate, Bath Road, Brislington, Bristol. Tel. (0117) 9715 145. First call for all fibre-reinforced resin products. Glass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fibres, Polyester and Epoxy resins, including latest 'room-tempreture cure' types. Also all ancilliary equipment and technical advice.

Their general e-mail address is and their web site is at

Woodberry Chillcott & Co Ltd

Victoria Terrace, Off Albert Crescent (New Entrance, same place), Bristol. Tel. (0117) 977 0407. First call for Engineering equipment, tools, tooling, fasteners and engineering steel stock - ferrous, non-ferrous, alloy steels in round bar etc. No tube. Check their monthly offer list!

Auto Paint International

Unit 7 Avon Business Park, Lodge Causeway, Fishponds, Bristol. Tel. (0117) 9586971. First call for all paint and paint products, including full range of two-pack urethane/acrylic paints, fillers, primers and all ancilliary equipment.

McArthur Group Ltd.

Foundry Lane, Fishponds, Bristol. Tel. (0117) 965 5214. mild steel stockholders ERW tube, round, square, angle, strip etc. Also hot dip galvanising.

F.R. Powell & Sons

Unit 1, Avonside Industrial Estate, Avonside Road ( Off Feeder Road) Bristol. Tel.(0117) 971 7971. Widest range of steel tube. ERW only as McArthurs above, but more sizes. Also sheet and strip.

The email address is and the Website is

T.E.Stone Ltd.

82 West Street, Old Market, Bristol. (0117) 955 5144 General ISO fasteners, also excellent line in pop rivets.

Maplin Electronics Plc

Gloucester Road Arches, BristolTel. (0117) 923 2014. Electronic components, including DIY electronic ignition kits etc.

Avon Upholstery Supplies

367 Filton Avenue, Horefield. Bristol. Tel. (0117) 979 9934. For all upholstery needs, including dificult to find 'chopped' foam, essential for successful seats.

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Engineering Services

R L Padfield Engineering

Arch 35, Bristol & Exeter Mews, Temple Gate, Bristol. (Immediately adjacent Temple Meads Railway station) Tel. (0117) 927 3427. First Call for all 'motor trade' machining. Re-bores, re-grinds, head skimming, valve guide and seat (Inc. lead-free conversions) replacements. Also supplies pistons, valve springs, gaskets etc. One of Bristol's longest established automotive machinists.

Universal Balancing Ltd.

12 Douglas Road Industrial Park, Douglas Road, Kingswood, Bristol BS 15 8PD. Crank/flywheel etc. balancing. Full dynamic balancing.

Tel. (0117) 907 7403.

Fax (0117) 9077402




No address list for Bristol is complete without mentioning the excellent food shops. Tourist guides mention Clifton and Whiteladies Road but few know of the sources located in the N.E. area sometimes called 'The Zoo'. I am happy to be one of the animals.

Picton Street

On page 70 of the Bristol A Z, square 1A, off the junction of Cheltenham Road and Ashley Road.

Here are Licatas, the Italian (Sicilian) food shop and, further down on the other side and round the next right corner, Herberts the bakery, (Wellington Road) also providing Organic bread amongst a wide range. A little further down Cheltenham Road, on the right, is Station Road, home of a major Chinese supermarket, special day Sunday, for all original Chinese ingredients. All these shops have been open for at least the last twenty years.

St Marks Road.

On page 71, in square D1, immediately accessible from Stapleton Road rail station (Local line from Temple Meads) Here is the Bristol Sweet Mart( ), suppliers of fine World Food, with an Indian/Pakistani/Jamaican slant. Also in this street suppliers of Halal meat, World Vegetable wholesalers and Bangladeshi, Maroccan, Algerian and Vegan restaurants. The 'Sugar Loaf' pub (opposite the Mosque) at the end of this street does notable traditional English lunches and dinners (you'll have to book the Sunday special).

FF manufacture to order.

At this address only! Phone (0117) 9511531 or email to discuss the details.

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