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This site mainly covers the vehicles I have designed and built, and the services and parts I can provide.
There are plenty of other people interested in low-CG two-wheelers however and you may like to look at the sites below. Julian Bonds discussion group is interesting and Mark Crowson is the Quasar specialist.

Ian Kew's Voyager site
BFF Club site
Julian Bond's FF site
Mark Crowson's Quasar site
John Brennan's Home Page
Andi McBurnie's Feet First Motorcycle page
'Monty' Billington's page
Andrew Gibbons' FF site
Michael Moore's web site
Motorcycle modifiers, Australia
Tony Foale's pages
Rick Defazio's SportBikeShop site

FF Discussion group archive


There is also an FF discussion group in the form of a mailing list .

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