Highlights of 1998

BMF rallyThe BMF rally May 1998, and the organisers astonished us by ushering the Voyager and the Majesty, both from the club stand of the BFF club, to the front of the "Cavalcade of Clubs" in the main arena. Who knows which official realised the true position of Feet First Two-Wheelers?(127KB jpg)

Silverstone 98 Autumn,1998 and it's Silverstone again, this time we avoided the ladies loo but Colin Russell couldn't make it and the doctor was on calll again. However Quasar owner Mark Crowson and Banana owner Bob Winsper also came, but without their respective bikes. This year we really must get some of the other 'heritage' FFs to turn up.(34KB jpg)

Silverstone 2 More Silverstone, owner Keith Duckworth rummages about in the huge Voyager boot. The index page picture was also taken at this meet.(33KB jpg)

Voyager and Banana 2 And here, in our refurbished outdoor photo studio (look at the '002 reborn' photo above) the visible evidence of ten years of development. On the right; 1981, single seat, 500cc, two cylinder 67" wheelbase, ten degrees of lock per side. On the left, 1991, two seats, 850cc four cylinder, 60" wheelbase, thirty eight degrees of lock each side. Oh, and lumbar support and rake adjustment on the seat, also a heater with fan. Both of them are great fun to ride, extremely comfortable, and of course really safe. They are both 26" wide.(143KB jpg)

Voyager and Banana 1 But the real question is; which is the ugliest? and why do they have to be such a horrible colour? Paul Blezard (Journalist) says the windscreen surround on the Banana bodywork is aesthetically offensive. This is the sort of fun you can have when you're not trying to sell things to suits!(152KB jpg)

John Malfoy's funeral There are downs as well as ups. In November John Malfoy died suddenly of a brain tumour. His funeral saw a very rare meeting of one of the Quasars John built, and the yellow Voyager. John was one of the original 'gang of three' that produced 20-odd of these vehicles in the late seventies. John took over production halfway through this number when the orignal manufacturers dropped out. He was well known in the south west of England, working in motorcycle training, over a hundred motorcyles - and two FFs - attended his funeral.(30 KB jpg)

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