5 owners meetSilverstone 1997. Five strange men hang about outside the ladies loo! We went to see the Reliant racers and pick up ideas about Reliant tuning. The fifth production Voyager belongs to a doctor who was out on call in it on the day. We're still trying to get all six Voyagers together at once and this Silverstone trip has become an annual meet. (23KB jpg)

Voyagers now 1 002 in its new yellow bodywork alongside production prototype 01 at Silverstone in 1997. All six Voyagers are being enthusiastically developed with my help and are in regular use. (68KB jpg)

Voyagers now 2002 resembles in many respects the Voyager model that would have followed production of the 200 'limited edition' Voyager represented by 01. 002 has a 75mm shorter wheelbase, quicker steering and rear radiators. It's the 'sports' Voyager. Performance is 'entirely adequate' and I'm really pissed off that you can't buy a mass -production version right now! (28KB jpg)

HubThere's been a little confusion in the motorcycle press (journalists!) as to exactly what hub the Voyagers use. 002 originally used the Difazio hub fitted to 001. When it was reborn it used one of the production Voyager hubs, except for an improved barrel and caliper carrier set up. Like the production hubs it has 39 degree of lock each side, over 6 inches of suspension movement and can be removed by undoing six bolts, three of which are visible. There are six components in the hub assembly, discounting bolts, bearings and brake parts. I designed this hub specifically for the Voyager project and it employs BobTait's patent as the steering axis does not pass through the wheel centre. In late 1999 a group of BFF club members financed the manufacture of a batch of "Mk11" hubs which take this design a little further, mainly in weight reduction. See (Items for Sale) for full details. (79KB jpg)

CockpitBut is it real? Do these things actually work? Why havn't you read about all this stuff in your favourite motorcycle magazine? Well here it is, enough speed on the clock to prove we weren't running along behind pushing! Maybe you should check with your favourite motorcycle magazine...(76KB jpg)

CornerAnd it goes round corners too(71KB jpg)

Two UpBut most of all people just can't believe that this 60" wheelbase FF can take two people. So here it is with two people. How do you think we took the cockpit action shots anyway?(80KB jpg)

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