Photos this year are a bit truncated due to local lost youths nicking the digital camera.  And the ancient scanner we used to transfer chemical film has gone past the use-by date.  Here are some Ian Kew took of one of the more interesting FF novelties.  Look also at Ians site for some excellent colour shots of Colin Russell hustling his Voyager round Cadwell Park.

alliagtor fan This is the Gurney Alligator, Americas's latest FF.  It's seen here at the annual Goodwood motor-head event 'festival of Speed'.  It's uncannily like Arthur Middleton's GPz400 or John Bruce's BSA but calling it a 'cut'nshut' wouldn't do justice to the very high level of fit and finish.  One of the nice things about FF's at shows is that every now and again a member of the public turns up and firmly explains the self-evident advantages of the type.  And I stand there thinking "See?  It Is obvious.  This randomly met person understands it perfectly".

alligator royce The thing that's different from these English FF's is the postion of the steering.  I'm sitting as I would in my own Voyager (Now known as 'Fat Jogger') but as you can see the handlebars are in the normal 'motorcycle' position, easily 300mm in front of my hands.  The remote handlebar set-up, connected to front forks with a link, as used from the Quasar to Arthurs GPZ does not feature on the alligator and I found it difficult to see how it could be ridden.

gurney Fortunately Dan Gurney himself, with his son Justin and partner, were on site to demonstrate that if you're a normally sized American you can easily reach the handlebars.  The Alligator is an interesting take on the low CG option, much more of a 'modified motorcycle' than the 'new vehicle type'' taken by most Europeans.  I'm sure everyone found plenty to think about at this meeting...

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